Project Description

  • GAD-201G Front View
  • GAD-201G Package


  1. Auto range and distortion measurement
  2. Auto or hold function selectable
  3. 7 distortion ranges : 0.1%-100%
  4. Frequency: 20Hz-20KHz, continuously adjustable in 3 ranges
  5. 3 spot frequency: 400Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz
  6. 12AC voltage ranges: 1 mVrms-300Vrms
  7. Device of distortion measurement and combination of two single channel millivoltmeter
Distortion measuring
Measuring range0.1%-100% 7steps, error ≤ 3% (full scale)
Fundamental Wave Range20Hz-20KHz, three frequency point 400Hz, 1KHz, 10KHz
Input Level100mVrms-300Vrms
Fundamental Wave Suppression> 80dB
Survival Distortion< 0.03% (including noise)
AC Voltage Measuring
Measuring Range1mVrms-300Vrms full scale
Decibel Scale-60dB- +50dBm steps with 10dB

-20dB- +1dBm (0dB=1V)

-20dB- +3.2dBm (0dB=1mW 600Ω

Frequency Response100mV-300V range 20Hz-200KHz, ±0.5dB

1mV-30mV range 20Hz-200KHz, ±1dB

Survival Noise≤ 10µV(input end grounded)
Input Resistance100KΩ ± 10%
Output“X”axis output: Approx. 1vrms full scale of voltage

“Y”axis output: Approx. 500Vrms full scale of distortion

Output resistance: Approx.600Ω

Max. Input Voltage<400V(DC+AC peak)
Power supply220V/110V± 10%; 50Hz/60Hz
WeightAbout 5.5Kg

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