DC 40 MHz Benchtop Analog Oscilloscope

  • Dual channels/dual traces, X-Y mode
  • 6" display, high brightness oscilloscope tube
  • High sensitivity triggering, up to 1mV/division clearer display than an ordinary oscilloscope
  • TV synchronous separation circuit to observe stable TV signal
  • Triggering mode: AUTO/NORM/AV-V/AV-H
  • Vertical: ALT/CHOP/ADD
  • X-x10/Y-x5
  • Polarity reversal
  • CH1 Sync output
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Model L-5040
Frequency Range DC-40MHz
Screen Resolution 8*10 div(1div=1cm)
Vertical deviation Display Mode CH1 CH2 CH3 ADD ALT CHOP
Toxicity Factor 5mV/div to 5V/div±3%(1mV/div±5%)
Rise Time ≤17.2ns
Polarity Selection ±CH2
Max. Input Voltage 250V (≤1KHz)
Horizontal bias Display Mode 1, 10, X-Y
Time base 0.2us/div~0.2s/div
Sweep width ×10
Accuracy 3%
Correct waveform Frequency 1KHz 20% Voltage: 0.5V 1%
Input constant 1MΩ
Size 370×310×130 mm
Weight 8Kg


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