Project Description

  • LW-1212DL Front View
  • LW-1212DL Back View


  1. Using novel RC oscillation technology, the sine wave distortion is small, especially suitable for listening to the pure sound of the speaker.
  2. Frequency display, the output amplitude is digital display, the reading is more accurate and the error is smaller
  3. Sweep start point and end point can be adjusted arbitrarily. The output power is large, up to 150W.
Output Power20W40W60W100W
Freqency Range20Hz-20KHz
Sine Wave Distortion> 0.8%
Working ModeManual, automatic logarithmic frequency sweep
Sweep Time1S-20S continuously adjustable
Sweep Width> 1:1000
Sine Wave Output Amplitude0-12.8rms 8Ω Loading0-18rms 8Ω Loading0-22rms 8Ω Loading0-28.5rms 8Ω Loading
Input PowerAC220V/110V±10% 50HZ/60Hz

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