Project Description

  • LW-25010KD Front View
  • LW-25010KD Package

This serial single output switch power supply is a kind of DC regulated power supply with high efficiency and stability. It can be acted both as constant voltage as well as constant current dc areas.


  1. Single-phase, single output dc power supply
  2. Constant voltage and constant current operation (C.C and C.V. automatic conversion)
  3. Both current and voltage can be adjusted from 0 to rated value
  4. 4 digits LED digital display
  5. Built-in EMI filter (Anti-interference circuit)
  6. Intelligent temperature control fan to help power supply cooling fast


  1. Charge batteries, PCB board manufacturing industry
  2. LED products, motors and dc fans test,
  3. Electrofacing, electrolyzation, electronic components ageing
  4. Laboratory , Electronic equipment , Automatic Test Equipment
  5. All other occasions need to use DC Power Supply

Protection function:

  1. Overvoltage protection
  2. Over load protection
  3. Over temperature protection
  4. Current limitation protection


Input Voltage: AC 220/110V±10%  50/60Hz ±2%

Output Voltage: 0-250V adjustable

Output Current: 0-10A adjustable

Working Conditions: -10℃ – 40℃

relative Humidity: < 90%

Storage Conditions: -20℃ – 80℃

relative Humidity: < 80%

Display Accuracy: ±1% ±1 digit

Voltage Stabilization: ≤ 0.2%

Current Stabilization: ≤ 0.5%

Load Stabilization: ≤ 0.3%

Ripples & Noises: ≤ 1% rms

Surge Current: 30A/115V, 60A/230V (cold-start)

Input Leakage Current: < 0.7mA / 230V

Withstanding Voltage Test:

From input to output voltage: 1.5KVAC/min

From input voltage to case: 1.5KVAC/min

From output voltage to case: 500VAC/min

Download LW-25010KD Switching DC Power Supply User Manual

ModelOutput voltageOutput currentDisplay accuracyDimension


LW-3050KD0-30V0-50A±1%±1 digit530*320*220
LW-3060KD0-30V0-60A±1%±1 digit530*320*220
LW-3080KD0-30V0-80A±1%±1 digit530*320*220
LW-30100KD0-30V0-100A±1%±1 digit530*320*220
LW-5040KD0-50V0-40A±1%±1 digit530*320*220
LW-5060KD0-50V0-60A±1%±1 digit530*320*220
LW-5080KD0-50V0-80A±1%±1 digit 530*320*220
LW-50100KD0-50V0-100A±1%±1 digit 530*320*220
LW-6020KD0-60V0-20A±1%±1 digit 530*320*220
LW-6030KD0-60V0-30A±1%±1 digit 530*320*220
LW-6040KD0-60V0-40A±1%±1 digit 530*320*220
LW-6050KD0-60V0-50A±1%±1 digit 530*320*220
LW-6080KD0-60V0-80A±1%±1 digit 530*320*220
LW-60100KD0-60V0-100A±1%±1 digit 530*320*220
LW-2006KD0-200V0-6A±1%±1 digit 530*320*220
LW-25010KD0-250V0-10A±1%±1 digit 530*320*220
LW-25020KD0-250V0-20A±1%±1 digit 530*320*220

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