Project Description

  • LW-3060C Front View
  • LW-3060C Back View


  1. LCD liquid crystal display, no radiation, no flicker.
  2. USB interface and RS485 interface, two kinds of interfaces, can meet the requirements of multiple customers.
  3. Multiple protection devices: overload protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, over-temperature protection.
  4. 6 sets of data can be stored.


  1. Battery charging.
  2. Car DVD, car stereo.
  3. Product aging, such as resistance, capacitance, relay, dc motor, LED, etc.
  4. Laboratory, factory, maintenance power supply.
  5. All other situations require dc stabilized power supply.


1. Input voltage: AC:220V±10% 50Hz±5Hz (customized:AC:110V±10% 60Hz±5Hz)

2. Output voltage:

Power effect: no more than 0.05%+10mv.

Load effect: less than 0.1%+10mv.

Lines and noise: 10mVrms,50mVpp.

Accuracy: + (0.03% of reading + 10mv)

Set resolution: 10mv.

Voltage resolution: 10mV.

3. Output current

Power effect: no more than 0.05%+10mA.

Load effect: less than 0.1%+10mA.

Ripple and noise: 10mArms.

Setting accuracy: + (0.03% of reading + 10mA) setting resolution: 10mA.

Current resolution: 10mA.

4. Temperature coefficient: no more than 300ppm/℃.

5. Accuracy of reading: + (0.1% of reading + 10mV); (0.1 of reading + 10mA)

6. Protection: overload protection, over voltage protection, over current protection, over-temperature protection.

7. Interface: USB interface, 485 interface.

8. Storage output: 6 sets.

9. Insulation: output terminals with chassis or other terminals: no more than 60VDC.

10. The operating environment: indoor use environment temperature: 0 to 40 ℃ relative humidity: 80% or less

11. Voltage input: AC220V plus or minus 10%, 50/60hz.

12. Attachment: one copy of the manual and one power line.

13. Dimensions: 380(D) * 260(W) * 155(H)mm.

14. Weight: about 12KG

Model Voltage Current Display Accuracy
LW-3010C 0-30V 0-20A LCD ±1%±1digit
LW-3020C 0-30V 0-20A LCD ±1%±1digit
LW-3030C 0-30V 0-30A LCD ±1%±1digit
LW-3050C 0-30V 0-50A LCD ±1%±1digit
LW-3060C 0-30V 0-60A LCD ±1%±1digit
LW-6010C 0-60V 0-10A LCD ±1%±1digit
LW-6020C 0-60V 0-20A LCD ±1%±1digit
LW-6030C 0-60V 0-30A LCD ±1%±1digit
LW-8010C 0-80V 0-10A LCD ±1%±1digit
LW-8020C 0-80V 0-20A LCD ±1%±1digit
LW-12010C 0-120V 0-10A LCD ±1%±1digit
LW-3005C 0-300V 0-5A LCD ±1%±1digit

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