500W Frequency Conversion AC Power Source

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Model LW-500W
Capacity 500VA
Output Current Limit Low: 4.5A
High: 2.3A
Input Voltage Single phase 220V ±10% / 50Hz±5Hz
Output voltage Low: 0 - 150V
High: 0 - 300V
Output Frequency 45-70/50/60/100/200/400Hz
Voltage Stability ≤1%
Frequency Stability ≤0.01%
Load Stability ≤0.5%
Waveform Distortion ≤2% @ Pure resistance under the load test
Efficiency ≥85% @ full load test
Protection Function Over voltage, over current, overload, over temperature protection, and warning device
Meter Display 4 digital LEDs for the voltage, current, power, frequency
Cooling Method Forced cooling
Working Condition Temperature: -10-40℃ Humidity:<90%
Weight 23kg
Size 430x420x185 mm



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