300W Programmable DC Electronic Load Meter

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Model LW 8512
Rated input Power 300W
Current  0-60A
Voltage 0-150V
Rated Current Mode Range 0-6A 0-60A
Resolution  0.1mA  1mA
Accuracy 0.03%+0.05% 0.03%+0.05%
Rated Voltage Mode Range 0.1-19.999V 0.1-150V
Resolution 1mV  10mV
Accuracy 0.03%+0.02% 0.03%+0.02%
Rated Resistance Mode (when input voltage and current value ≥ 10% full scale) Range 0.3Ω-10k 0.3Ω-5k
Resolution 16 digits 16 digits
Accuracy 0.1%+0.1% 0.1%+0.1%
CW mode = 10% full scale Range 0-300W 0-300W
Resolution 1mW 10mW
Accuracy 0.1%+0.1% 0.1%+0.1%
Voltage Measurement Voltage 0-19.999V 0-150V
Resolution 1mV 10mV
Accuracy 0.015%+0.05%FS 0.015%+0.08%FS
Current Measurement Current 0-6A 0-60A
Resolution 0.01mA 0.1mA
Accuracy 0.03%+0.05%FS 0.03%+0.08%FS
Power Measurement Watt 100W 300W
Resolution 1mW 10mW
Accuracy  0.1%+0.1%  0.1%+0.1%
Battery Measurement Battery Input: 0.5-150V

Max. Measurement capacity=999/hour


Dynamic Measurement Transition List: 0-25Khz; 2.5A/μs

T1&T2: 60us-999s

Accuracy:±15% offset+10%FS

Current Starting Time Time: 1ms;2ms;5ms;10ms;20ms;50ms;100ms;200ms


Short Circuit Current (CC) 6.6A 66A
Voltage (CV) 0V
Resistance (CR) 55mΩ
Temperature Operating 0-40℃
Nonoperating  -10℃~70℃
Dimension W*H*D(mm) 215*110*365
Weight Kg 4.2



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