Project Description

  • LW-90DH Front View


  1. Industrial production assembly of electronic products
  2. Research and product development departments
  3. Overhaul maintenance industry for electronic products
  4. All enterprises and institutions electrician soldering operations
  5. Electronic Technology enthusiasts for electronic assembly
  6. All kinds of college students in the skills training of Electricity


  1. High-definition LCD back-light LCD screen, parameter shows at a glance
  2. Silver alloy thermal conductive materials and thermal conduction of heat conduction, high temperature speed back
  3. Just 10 seconds boot from room temperature to 350℃
  4. Visualization of the process control, simulation of instructions
  5. More power mode control, the application of corresponding to different occasions
  6. Three groups of quick access to temperature, rapid transformation to the needs of the different welding temperature
  7. Password lock set parameters for production line process control
  8. Intelligent function of sleep, the sleep time is adjustable, convenient and the choice of different users, more energy saving and environmental protection
  9. Buzzer sound function, can choose to open or closed, humanized design, convenient for the need of different users
  10. Software automatic calibration temperature, more accurate, more convenient, let the user long-term use can still maintain the factory performance
  11. Welding head using similar foreign miniaturization design, reduce the material cost, ensure users consumable lowest cost control
  12. The use of welding head and the heating element separation to reduce the user cost
  13. Welding head dual mode, clean with clean metal ball, clean sponge to choose from
Input voltage220VAC ±10% 50Hz
Output voltage24VAC
Power consumption60W
Temperature control range200℃-480℃
Setting modeKnob to adjust
Temperature stability±5℃ (static state)
Display modeIndex dial
Max ambient temperature40℃
Proof modeCalibrate Simulation
Temperature lock modeMechanical
Tip over the ground impedance<2ohm
Tip over the ground voltage<5mV
solder tipLW-20-I
PTC60W Two core ceramic heater

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