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  • LW-936 Front View


  1. The electronic industry for the electronic product assembly
  2. Used in scientific research department to product development
  3. for the electronics maintenance in the electronic industry
  4. Enterprise or business unit’s electrical soldering work
  5. Electronic technology enthusiasts for the electronic product assembly
  6. Apply to all kind of the college ’s Electrician lab


  1. The whole welding machine using electrical conductivity materials, specially designed for preventing static electricity and clean indoor environment (ESD)
  2. Heating element made of imported material with advanced technology of heat-resistant, long service life
  3. Heating element using low voltage ac source, to ensure the antistatic, no leakage, no interference
  4. 200℃ – 480 ℃ temperature setting and control the stable and accurate
  5. Rapid warming
  6. Handle special lightweight, use for a long time without fatigue
  7. Completely isolated heating element with the main power grid
  8. Soldering iron parts in aviation joint and high temperature resistance of antistatic silicone rubber (silicone) cable connected to the temperature control table
  9. Unique temperature locking devices, guard against temperature platitude
  10. Separation design, easy to put 

Download LW-936 Soldering Station User Manual

Input voltage 220VAC ±10% 50Hz
Output voltage 24VAC
Power consumption 60W
Temperature control range 200℃-480℃
Setting mode Knob to adjust
Temperature stability ±5℃ (static state)
Display mode Index dial
Max ambient temperature 40℃
Proof mode Calibrate Simulation
Temperature lock mode Mechanical
Tip over the ground impedance <2ohm
Tip over the ground voltage <5mV
solder tip LW-20-I
PTC 60W Two core ceramic heater

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