Project Description


  1. Three highlight  digital display, accurate temperature control. 200 ℃ ~ 450 ℃ temperature control range, precision of ±2℃
  2. Intelligent MCU program control, with automatic sleep mode and intelligent, excellent operating performance. Super power compensation of the speed, the welding temperature difference is small, particularly suitable for constant temperature welding. Lead-free process
  3. 75W power, from room temperature to 350 ℃ need time less than 10 seconds.
  4. Intelligent lock control, can be exempted from operators optional welding temperature changes.
  5. Fault self-diagnosis, when the welding tip temperature below the set value or because of the movement, the sensor material until a failure occurs, welding machine will alarm warning and stop heating, safe and reliable.
  6. Humanized design and short handle tip operation, suitable for long time and flexible operation.
  7. Tip plug type, change fast and convenient, low voltage 24 v tip heater and anti-static design of the machine, to ensure the safety of the sensitive element of the welding.
ProductSmart lead-free soldering station
operating voltageAC28V
heater elementHigh quality 1321 ceramic heater
temperature range200℃-450℃
Input voltageAC220V  50Hz
power save timeNo use, 30 minutes (low temperature), 2 hours later (dormant state)
temperature error±2℃

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