Project Description

  • LW8681FA Front View
  • LW8681FA Back View
  • LW8681FA Accessory


  1. 1000Vdc / 500Vac test
  2. Scan for points automatically
  3. Single-sided wire test
  4. Instant short road test
  5. Large 320x240 LCD display
  6. Programmable test setting statistics and printing function
Subject Symbol Range
Resistance R 0.1Ω-1MΩ
Capacitance C 10Pf-500μF
Diode test D 0.0V-7.0V
Condoction COND 0.1Ω-50Ω
Insulation Resistance IR 1MΩ-500MΩ
High voltage (leakage current) HIPOT 0.1mA-5mA
Open Circuit / Short Circuit O/S 2kΩ-50kΩ
Unilateral test
Break and short circuit endpoint judgment
Advanced Function Programmable continuous test
Automatic learning Locate Pin
Basic accuracy ±1%
Test Scan Mode Auto Auto / Manual Switchable
Measurement Frequency and Signal / Voltage 100-100kHz, 1VAC
Low Voltage Measurement Signal 5VDC / 50mA max. ±5%
High Voltage (Leakage Current) Test 200-500Vac. ±5%
High Voltage (Insulation) Test 100-1000Vdc. ±5% (LW8681FA)
Measuring Contact 128 Pin (56/512 Optional)
Positive and negative output of high voltage correction
Automatic point finding terminal
Panel Buttons System / Quick / Edit
I / O Interface RS-232 Port
Printer Port
Remote Control Port
Memory Memory 56 groups of setting
Input Power 115/230Vac 60/50Hz ± 10% Switchable
Accessory Automatic Point Finding Probe
Fixture cable
User Manual
Power Cable
Remote Control Cable (Optional)
RS-232 Cable (Optional)
Operating Environment 15℃-35℃. RH<75%
Dimensions (WxHxD) 425 x 190 x 350mm
Weight 14kg
Cable requirement 1μF Max.
Mode Code
256 Pin
512 Pin

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