Project Description

  • TAG-101 Front View

Frequency Range:10Hz to 1 MHz, 5 ranges

Precision:Full scope +/- 5%

Output resistance:600Ω

Attenuation Output Control:0dB, -10dB, -20dB, -30dB, -40dB. -50dB

Output voltage: 5-6V virtual value

Distortion ratio: 500Hz to 50kHz ≤0.05%,50Hz to 500Khz ≤0.5%

Output smoothed line: 1±1.5dB

range:10Hz to 1Mhz

Maximum Output: 10V

Rise time: 0.5uS

Range: Frequency can be changed 1% as 1V output.

Input impedance: 10KΩ



1 x TAG101 Audio Generator Function Signal 10 to 1Mhz

1 x connect wire

Download TAG-101 High Frequency Signal Generator User Manual

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