Project Description

  • TAG-101D Front View
  • TAG-101D Back View
  1. Characters

a.Strongly steady electro-circuit.

b.Digital display about frequency &operate conveniently.

c.Frequency range:6-phases from 0.2Hz-2MHz

d.Output for empty carry arrive at 5V,600Ω carried will be higher than 2V(sine wave).

e.Output voltage balance may be adjusted by 2 groups of attenuator every 20dB and f.40dB, total 60dB or potentiometer in continuity.

g.Sine wave of square wave may be chosen to output.

  1. Electric appliance nature
  • Frequency range

   X1 shift: 0.2Hz-20Hz

   X10 shift: 2Hz-200Hz

   X100 shift: 20Hz-2KHz

   X1K shift: 200Hz-20KHz

   X10K shift: 2KHz-200KHz

   X100K shift: 20KHz-2MHz

  • Sine wave nature

Output voltage: 5V

Distortion ratio: <0.1%  400Hz-200KHz

                               <0.5%  50Hz-500KHz

Evenness output: ± 1.5 decibels (about equal to 1KHz)

  • Square wave nature

   Output voltage: > 10V (highest point)

   Rising time: < 0.25 microseconds (within 200KHz)

   Empty occupied ratio: 50% ± 5% (from 1KHz to 200KHz

  • The nature of output pole

   Output impedance: 600Ω±10%

   Attenuator: -20dB, -40dB and in 60dB series

  • Power wastage

   Input voltage: Alternating current 110V or 220V for choice

   Power wastage: about 10 watts

  • Size


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