100W Digital Display Lead Free Soldering Station

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Model LW-100
Power consumption 100W
Input voltage 220/110VAC±10% 50/60Hz
Output voltage 24VAC
Temperature control range 150~450℃ / 302~842℉
Temperature calibration range ±50℃
Standby temperature 150℃
Temperature accuracy ±10℃
Sleep time 1-99 minutes (0 minutes without sleep)
Auto Sleep time 1-120 minutes (settable)
Automatic shutdown time 1-120 minutes (settable)
Temperature stability ±2℃(still air, no load)
Tip over the ground impedance ≤2 ohms
Tip over the ground voltage ≤2mV
Heating core 100W silver alloy heating core
Dimension 168×110×95 mm
Weight 2kg


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