0.1Hz to 10MHz Benchtop Function Signal Generator

  • Frequency of the mode: 0.1Hz—2MHz/ 5MHz/ 10MHz/15MHz
  • Output waveform: Sine, Triangle, Square, ramp ±Pulse
  • TTL/CMOS and OUTPUT synchronous output
  • Less than 1% distortion at 10Hz– 100 KHz
  • Less than 0.5dB frequency response at 0.1Hz— 100 KHz
  • 1Hz—30MHz frequency counter
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Model LW1643
Frequency 0.1Hz-10MHz
Output waveforms Sine, triangle, square, positive and negative pulse, positive and negative ramp
Output impedance 50ohm±10%
amplitude Not less than 50Vp-p (open circuit)
DC voltage 0~±10V continuously adjustable
Symmetry range 90:10–10:90
The rising edge of the square < 35ns
Sine Characteristic
distortion < 1% at 10H-100KHz
Frequency response 0.1Hz~100MHz: ≤± 0.5dB

100 KHz-5MHz ≤±1dB (LW-1642)

100KHz~2MHz: ≤±1dB (LW1641)

Level Level: TTL low level less than 0.4V in pulse wave, a high level less than 3.5V, CMOS low less than 0.5V in pulse wave, high-level 5V–14V continuously variable.
Rising time < 100ns
VCF Input
Output voltage -5V~0V±10
Max volt-controlled 1000:1
Input signal DC-1KHz
Frequency Counter
Measuring range 1Hz~10MHz≥10Vp-p
Input impedance Not less than 1Mohm/20F
Sensitivity 100mV r.m.s.
Max. Input 150V (AC+DC)
Input attenuation 20dB

Line power

< 0.003%±1 digit 220V/110V±10%    50Hz/60Hz
Dimension 270*225*90 mm
weight 2.5Kg


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0.1Hz to 15MHz Benchtop Function Signal Generator

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0.1Hz to 10MHz Benchtop Function Signal Generator

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0.1Hz to 5MHz Benchtop Function Signal Generator

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0.1Hz to 2MHz Benchtop Function Signal Generator

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