60V 3A Dual Output Benchtop Switching DC Power Supply

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Model TPR-6003-2KD
Max Voltage 2 × 60V
Max Current 2 × 3A
Series/Parallel Use Yes/Yes
Adjust Type Stepless Knob
Input Power AC 220V 50Hz±2Hz / AC 110V 60Hz±2Hz
Constant Voltage Mode Current effect ≤ 0.01%+1mV
Load effect ≤ 0.01%+3mV
Ripples and noises ≤ 0.5mV r.m.s.
Constant Current Mode Current effect ≤ 0.2%+1mA
Load effect ≤ 0.2%+3mA
Ripples and noises ≤ 3mA r.m.s.
Regular Output Nominal output voltage 5V±2.5%
Nominal output current 3A
Current effect ≤ 0.01%+1mV
Load effect ≤ 1%
Ripples and noises ≤ 0.5mV r.m.s
Precision Voltmeter ±1%±1 figures
Ammeter ±2%±1 figures
Protection OVP,OCP,OLP,OTP
Operating Temperature 0℃ to 40℃
Relative Humidity < 90%
Storage Temperature -20℃ to 80℃
Relative Humidity < 80%
Overall dimensions 315×260×160 mm
Weight 5.5kg


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Longwei KD Dual Output Series SMPS User Manual EN Version261.75 KB25-07-2023 Download
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