100 Mhz Dual Channel Digital Oscilloscope

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Model LW-2102L
Sampling type Real-time sampling Equivalent sampling
Sampling rate 1GS/s 50GS/s
Test method: Real-time Equivalent
Average value After all the channels have carried out N times sampling,  The number can be selected between 2:4:8:16:32:64:128 and 256.
Input coupling Input coupling
Input impedance Input impedance
Probe attenuation ratio setting Probe attenuation ratio setting
Maximum input voltage Maximum input voltage
The time delay between channels(typical) The time delay between channels(typical)
Waveform interpolation Sin(x)/x
Record length 2×600k sampling point
Storage depth The Signal channel is 25k, dual channel is 12.5K
Scanning range(s/div) 2ns/div-50s/div Follow 1-2-5 step
Sample rate and delay time precision ±50ppm(any ≥1ms的Time interval)
    Time interval (△T) measures precision (full bandwidth) sole:±(1 sampling interval time +100ppm×reading+0.6ns)

>16 average value:±(1 sampling interval time   +100ppm×reading+0.4ns)

Analog digital converter (A/D) 8-bit resolution with synchronous sampling for 2 channels
Scope of deflection coefficient(V/div) 1mV/div ~20V/div(in input BNC)
Displacement range ≥±10 div
More meaning 100 MHz,80MHz,60 MHz,40 MHz
A single bandwidth 100 MHz,80MHz,60 MHz,40 MHz
(Typical) optional bandwidth limitation 20 MHz
Low-frequency response (AC coupling, -3dB) ≤10Hz (in BNC)
Rise time(typical in BNC) 3.5 ns respectively in bandwidth or less (100 MHz, 60 MHz, 40 MHz)
DC gains precision (by adopting sampling or sampling mode of average value) ±5%     if the vertical     sensitivity is 1mV/div or 2mV/div;

±4%     if the vertical     sensitivity is 5mV/div;

±3%     if the vertical     sensitivity is 10mV/div  to 20V/div;

DC measurement precision

(by adopting average sampling mode)

If vertical displacement is 0 and N≥16:

±(5%×reading+0.1 grid+1mV) by selecting 1mV/div or 2mV/div;

±(4%×reading+0.1 grid+1mV) by selecting 5mV/div;

±(3%×reading+0.1 grid+1mV) by selecting 10mV/div to 20V/div;

If vertical displacement is not 0 and N≥16:

±u12304X (3%×(reading+ vertical displacement reading)+(1%×vertical

displacement reading) + 0.2div;

To add 2mV when setting from 5mV/div to 200mV/div: To add set

value by 50mV when setting from 200mV/div to 20V/div;

Measurement precision of the voltage

difference (△V) (by adopting sampling

mode of average value)

The voltage difference between any 2 points on the waveform after

calculating the average value for at least 16 captured waveforms under the

same setup and environment conditions: ±(3%×reading+0.05div

Trigger sensitivity Internal Trigger:≤1div   EXT trigger:≤0.2V
Trigger level scope Away screen center±8div
(Typical) precision of a trigger level for the signal of which

RiseTime or DescendTime is not less than 20ns

±(0.3div×V/div)(within the scope of ±4div from screen center)
Pre-trigger ability Normal mode/scanning mode, pre-trigger/delay trigger with adjustable pre-trigger depth
Inhibition scope 100ns – 1.5s
(Typical) level set to 50% Operation if the frequency of input signal is not less than 50Hz
Edge trigger
Edge type Ascend, descend, ascend & descend
Pulse width trigger
Trigger mode To be more than, less than, or equivalent to positive/negative pulse width;
Pulse width scope 20ns-10s
Alternate trigger
CH1 trigger Edge, pulse width
CH2trigger Edge, pulse width
Cursor Manual mode Voltage difference (△V ) between cursors; Time difference (△T ) between cursors; Reciprocal of △T ( 1/△T )
Tracing mode Voltage and time of waveform point
Automatic measurement mode It is allowed to display the cursor during automatic measurement.
Automatic measurement Peak value, amplitude, the maximum value, the minimum value, top value, bottom value, middle value, average value, root-mean-square, overshoot, pre-shoot, frequency, cycle, Rise Time, Descend Time, positive pulse width, negative pulse width, positive duty cycle, negative duty cycle, and delay
Specify parameter measurement Three kinds
Mathematical operation +, -,×, ÷
Stored waveform Internal:20 groups of waveform and 20 kinds of setup

USB:200 pairs of waveform storage, 200 groups of interface

FFT Window Hanning, Hamming, Blackman-Harris, Rectangle
Sampling point 1024 points
Lissajous’s figure  Phase difference ±3degrees
Trigger frequency meter
Reading resolution 6digital
Trigger sensitivity ≤30Vrms
(Typical) precision ±51ppm (+1 word)
Display type Diagonal with a diagonal of 178mm (7 inches)
Display resolution 800 (horizontal) ×RGB×480 (vertical pixels)
Display color Color
Waveform display area Level 12, 25 dot/div; 8 vertical, 25 dot/div
Contrast (typical) adjustment
(Typical) backlight strength 300nit
Category of display language Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French
Interface functions
Standard configuration 1USB OTG
Power voltage 100-240VACRMS,45-440Hz, CAT II
Power consumption To be less than 30VA
Fuse F1.6AL 250V  on power board in the machine.
Temperature range Operation:0℃~+40℃  Non-operation:-20℃~+60℃
Cooling method Fan force to cool
Humidity range <+35℃:≤90%RH +35℃~+40℃:≤60%RH)
Altitude Operation: less than 3,000m Non-operation: less than15,000
Dimensions (WxHxD) 425x190x350 mm
Weight 8kg


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