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  1. Resistance test range: 1µΩ-20KΩ six shift
  2. Variable speed test: 5 times/slow, 10times/fast
  3. Test accuracy: 0.02% ± 2 digits
  4. Display mode: resistance or percentage display
  5. Sorting function: LOW, PASS, HIGH judgement
  6. Two types of judgment: resistance comparison or percentage comparison.
  7. Panel directly reset function
  8. Configuration separation interface and can be optional RS - 232 communication interface
Parameter LW2512 LW2512A   LW2512B
Accuracy 0.02% ± 2 digits
Range mode Automatic or manual lock
Test speed 5 times/slow, 10times/fast
Test range 1µΩ-2MΩ nine shift 1µΩ-200KΩ seven shift 1µΩ-20KΩ six shift
Test current 1µA-1A 10µA-1A 100µA-1A
Sorting function LOW,PASS,HIGH Judgment and buzzer - ring
Test terminal Five core air outlet
Interface Sorting interface
Optional RS232 COM port
Operating temperature & humidity 0-40℃  0-85%RH
Input voltage 200-240VAC   50-60Hz
Power Dissipation < 25W
Dimension / weight 280×89×280mm / 1.5Kg

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