Project Description

  • LW2672 Front View


  1. High voltage, small current, high accuracy;
  2. Leakage current, test time, continuous arbitrary setting, strong adaptability;
  3. Simultaneous display of measured actual values (voltage, current, time);
  4. Can choose manual or remote test;
  5. High voltage breakdown protection, sound and light alarm, safe and reliable;
  6. Simple operation, suitable for production line;
  7. DC output can test small capacitance, high voltage silicon stack, transistor reverse voltage, multi-purpose for one machine
SpecificationNameAC withstand Voltage TesterAC/DC withstand Voltage Tester
Test VoltageAC:0-5(KV)AC/DC:0-5(KV)
Voltage Precision≤ ±5%
Leakage Current RangeAC:0-2(mA)/0-20(mA) two-class /DC:0-20(mA)
Leakage Current Error≤ ±5%
Output Waveform50Hz sine waveform
Time Control1s-99s/continuously setting and manual
Transformer Capacity500VA
Display ModeDigital
Test CriterionPass/reject unqualified audible and visual alarm
ConditionRelative temperature ≤ 90RH, Environment temperature 0-40℃
PowerStatic power < 30VA
WeightAbout 12kg
Size (WxHxD)350x135x280mm

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