Project Description

  • LW2678 Front View


  1. High measuring accuracy, high speed, easy to use, especially suitable for using in laboratory and automatic testing line
  2. Test current AC / 5 ~ 30 (a),  resistance Ω (0 ~ 600 m),  time (1 ~ 99 s) shows at the same time;
  3. Test time can be arbitrary setted;
  4. Test alarm value can be arbitrary set up
  5. Pass/fail sound and light alarm;
ParameterNameGround resistance tester
Output currentAC: 5~30(A)
Current accuracy≤±5% ±5 counts
Resistance testing range0-200mΩ(25A) / 600mΩ(10A)
Alarm resistance value0-200mΩ / 600(mΩ) Continuous setting
Measuring error≤ ±5% ±5 counts
Test voltage10V MAX
Isolation transformer Capacity300VA
Time control1s-99s / Continuous setting and manual
Display modeDigital display
Test distinctionPass/failed, failed visual alarm
Work EnvironmentalRelative humidity ≤ 75% RH, ambient temperature:0 – 40 ℃
Dimension (W×H×D)350×130×280mm
Input voltageAC 220V ±10% 50Hz ±5%

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