Dual128 Pin Testing Port Cable Tester

  • Adopting intelligent judgment technology, which has the characteristics of fast test speed and accurate measurement. Can test short/open circuit judgment, misalignment recognition, instantaneous short/open circuit judgment, double-ended test, point finding function, maximum test points 128 points
  • Adopts high-brightness large-character LCD display, and strives to be concise and clear from setting to test result display. In addition to the test results displayed on the display, there are sound and light alarms.
  • Thermal touch keys, sensitive operation.
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Model LW-3310
Testing Pin 128 pins
Double-ended  A&B
Locate Function  Connect with the probe will display the number
Testing Subject Short circuit / Open circuit / Dislocation
Testing Mode Auto / Manual
Sway Test Short circuit / Open circuit
Reading Data Self-learning standard wire samples and storing
Alarm Buzzer and LCD display
Statistics Function PASS quantity, Pass rate
Working Condition 0-40℃  0-85%RH
Input Power 200-240VAC   50-60Hz
Power Consumption < 25W
Dimension 280×89× 280mm
Weight 1.5kg


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Intelligent High Precision Cable Tester

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Dual128 Pin Testing Port Cable Tester

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Dual Core Cable Tester

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