Programmable AC/DC Hipot Tester

  • Provide 5 groups memory settings, each group could choose four kinds of working modes;
  • LED display, the test mode is transparent at a glance;
  • Rising voltage gradient according to time, real-time analysis, looking for breakdown point;
  • A lower limit on current Settings, intelligent alarm;
  • Arc detection function(1-9 grades);
  • Provide remote PLC control interface;
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Specification  Range  Analysis of degree  Basic accuracy 
Ac voltage endurance (ACW)
Output voltage  0-5(kV AC)/12(mA)  0.01  ±2% of setting + 5V 
Output frequency/waveform  50 or 60Hz, ±100ppm, sine wave, the distortion degree < 2% 
The current upper and lower limits setting  0.1-12.009(mA)  0.01  ±2% of setting + 2counts 
Rising time, second  0.1-999.9(s)  0.1  ±0.1% + 0.05counts 
Test time, second  0, 0.2-999.9(s)(0=continously)  0.1  ±0.1% + 0.05counts 
Arc detection  9 grades (zero is off, one is the most sensitive) 
The DC withstand voltage endurance (DCW) 
Output voltage  0-6(kV AC)/5(mA)  0.01  ±2% of setting+5V 
Current setting  0.02-5(mA)  0.01  ±2% of setting+2counts 
Rising time, second  0.1-999.9(s)  0.1  ±0.1% +0.05counts 
Test time, second  0,0.2-999.9(s)(0=continously)  0.1  ±0.1% +0.05counts 
Arc detection  9 grades (zero is off, one is the most sensitive) 
Other specification 
Memory groups  5 groups memory, 4 kinds of testing mode: W, I, W-I, I-W 
Peripheral remote control, PLC interface  Provide Pass, Fail, Processing Remote monitoring signals, Test, Stop contact 
Security protection  Overload or short circuit automatically cut off the output, light, and buzzer alarm 
Dimension  280×89×320 mm 
Weight  10kg 


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