Project Description

  • LW7122 Front View


  1. Small size, light weight
  2. Easy operation, botton lock
  3. Provide 5 groups memory setting, each group could choose four kinds working mode
  4. LED display, test mode is clear at glance
  5. Rising voltage gradient according to time, real-time analysis, looking for breakdown point
  6. Lower limit on current Settings, intelligent alarm
  7. Arc detection function(1-9grades)
  8. Provide remote PLC control interface
Specification Range Analysis of degree Basic accuracy
Ac voltage endurance (ACW) /basic function of all model
Output voltage 0-5(KV AC)/12(mA) 0.01 ±2% of setting + 5V
Output frequency/waveform 50 or 60Hz, ±100ppm, sine wave, the distortion degree < 2%
The current upper and lower limits setting 0.1-12.009(mA) 0.01 ±2% of setting + 2counts
Rising time, second 0.1-999.9(s) 0.1 ±0.1% + 0.05counts
Test time, second 0, 0.2-999.9(s)(0=continously) 0.1 ±0.1% + 0.05counts
Arc detection 9 grades (zero is off, one is the most sensitive)
The DC withstand voltage endurance (DCW) / This function just model LW7120, LW7122
Output voltage 0-6(Kvac)/5(mA) 0.01 ±2% of setting+5V
Current setting 0.02-5(mA) 0.01 ±2% of setting+2counts
Rising time, second 0.1-999.9(s) 0.1 ±0.1% +0.05counts
Test time, second 0,0.2-999.9(s)(0=continously) 0.1 ±0.1% +0.05counts
Arc detection 9 grades (zero is off, one is the most sensitive)
Insulation resistance(IR)  this function just for model LW7112, LW7122
Output voltage 0.1-1(KV AC) 0.01 ±2% of setting+5V
Insulation resistance limit 0-2000(MΩ) (zero is off) 1 ±2% of setting+2C. ≥ 500vdc
Insulation resistance lower limit 1-2000(MΩ) 1 ±5% of setting+2C. < 500vdc
Test time, second 0,0.5-999.9(s)(0=continously) 0.1 ±0.1% +0.05counts
Other specification
Memory groups 5 groups memory, 4 kinds of testing mode:W, I, W-I, I-W
Peripheral remote control, PLC interface Provide Pass, Fail, Processing Remote monitoring signals, Test , Stop contact
Security protection Overload or short circuit automatically cut off the output, light and buzzer alarm
Size (WxHxD) 280x89x320mm /10KG

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