Project Description

  • LW7303 Front View


  1. Small volume, light weight
  2. Special linear constant current output, current output range can be up to 30 ~ 40 A
  3. Simple operation, key lock function
  4. Provide 5 set of memory set
  5. LCD display
  6. Test line impedance self zero correction, ensure accuracy of test results
  7. Resistance upper and lower limit set, intelligent alarm
  8. Provide remote PLC control interface
Parameter 7303 7304
Output cuurent 3.0-30.0 (A) 3.0-40.0 (A)
Output voltage 6V. MAX 8V. MAX
Output frequency 50 or 60 Hz, ±100 ppm
Output waveform Sine wave, distortion (THD) < 2%, Crest Factor (Crest Factor) = 1.3 - 1.5
Resistance setting range 0-510(mΩ) 0-120(mΩ) 0-600(mΩ) 0-200(mΩ) 0-150(mΩ)
Corresponding current output 3.0-10.0(A) 10.0-30.0(A) 3.0-10.0(A) 10.0-30.0(A) 30.0-40.0(A)
Resistance resolution 1 mΩ
Test time (s) 0, 0.5 - 999.9 (s) (0 = continuous)
Judgement accuracy ±2% of setting +2 counts
Voltage set 0.00-6.00 V 0.00-8.00 V
Test mode four-wire measurement
Memory 5 groups of memory
Key Lock To prevent any unauthorized operators arbitrarily changing the parameter
Peripheral remote control, PLC interface Provide Pass, Fail, Processing remote monitoring signals and the TEST, STOP contact
Protection Overload, Open circuit automatically cut off the output,light and buzzer alarm
Display 16 × 2  LCD display
Dimension (W×H×D) 280× 89× 370 / 10Kg

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